What people are saying about Corte Madera Tow

September 19, 2009
A few days ago, one of your trucks was called in front of my house to tow the car of a friend of mine
She had just dropped off my daughter, when her car didn’t start anymore. After trying to jump it with cables, we called AAA and a tow truck was dispatched
turned out to be one of your trucks with a driver named Ernest
I have never seen a tow truck appear this fast and with such a knowledgeable, polite and kind driver.
You quote on your website truly does your company justice and I wanted to pass on my compliments.

Anja Lie

September 10 2009

I would like to commend your crew for providing above and beyond normal service last Labor Day weekend.

Ernest and Jade went out of their way late Sunday night to open up the shop to find a new battery for my truck, which I needed to drive to work the next day, the Labor Day Holiday. The same weekend as the Bay Bridge closure, so I knew you guys were busy.

I was stuck in Mill Valley late Sunday night after dinner and called AAA. Ernest came to the rescue ready to jump the dead battery within 30 minutes of my call. Although we could jump start the truck, it would not restart due to a flat dead battery. I knew the AAA battery service was closed, but Ernest made some calls and was able to help me out. Jade showed up to install the battery and handle the paperwork. Both guys were friendly and professional.

I slept well knowing I would be able to make it to work the next morning.

Thanks guys,

Tom Dougherty
Corte Madera

August 3 2009

Subject: Thank You!!!

Dear Sirs:

On the weekend of July 25th, I was on vacation in San Francisco with my three children ages 8, 7 & 6. We were visiting the Muir Woods and I was driving a rental, Ford F-150 truck. There was no parking available, so we had to find parking on the shoulder of the road. I drove to the shoulder about a mile from the entrance. I went to center the truck. Because the truck stood so high, I could not see the indicators or the conditions behind me. the grass and brush had overgrown, and stood very high. I had found that I had backed off a 10 foot drop from a river bank. The only thing that stopped me from driving off, was I lost traction from the right rear tire as the left tire went off the edge, and tipped the truck. As I got out of the vehicle I was in utter shock. I thought the whole thing was going to fall in at any second! I immediately got my kids out and called AAA. I have been a AAA member for many years, and this was the first time I have ever called for their roadside assistance. The cell phone reception was not very good due to the remote area. I was able to call and give my location the best I could. The operator took down the information, and said they were sending a tow. Within an hour Corte Madera Tow showed with a driver named David. He looked at the truck and casually mentioned that is was going to be a little trickier than he first thought. I watched as he calmly stopped traffic, hitched my truck and pulled it back on solid ground. To my surprise, all this was done within a few minutes. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for David’s work and professionalism. He should be commended for his handling my call. Because of you, we were able to continue our vacation without further incident. I have since contacted the Marin Count Public Works about that area. They said they will send someone out to clear the brush, and replace the indicators.

John Straube

July, 20 2009

To Whom it May Concern:

At 1:20 pm yesterday, Sunday, my husband had to call AAA from Corte Madera Town Center because I had locked out keys in the car. By 1:40 pm we were driving out to Richardson Bay to enjoy a beautiful afternoon!

I can not express how impressed we both were with the service provided by Jason of Corte Madera Tow. We had half-expected to spend several hours kicking our heals (or even each other!) in the heat of a busy parking lot; instead, Jason arrived straight away and was incredibly quick in opening the car. His friendly yet professional demeanor was a calming influence that I greatly appreciated given the circumstances. What’s more, he politely refused the cash tip I tried to give him.

Thank you, as a company, for providing such high customer satisfaction.


April, 23 2009

Attention Corte Madera Tow

I am a very old person and being stalled and alone is very scary (4-22-2009 Mill Valley Safeway)

Josh came so promptly and was so competent and so easy and relaxed that I soon felt that way too.

He is certainly a fine representative for your business.



Ahhh, there’s nothing like waking up at 7:30 am to go to a medical appointment in 38 degree weather. The ice on the car, the slippery stairs as I leave the house, freezing my ass off in my car on the leather seats before it’s heated up. The holiday time, oh I love you so.

Traveling to Starbucks to hook up my venti non-fat four equal latte to begin my day of overcaffeination, I hit the road to go to work and make the money for the day so we can buy some more needless but
fabulous crap (hey, what’s need anyway?. Sippin’ on my latte, I’m just thinking about traffic and how I have fourteen minutes to get to work, In the fast lane, for once I’m not speeding, at least not really. I’m at about sixty five mph, slow for those that know me… then… the tire blows… and it doesn’t just go flat, it blows off my car. My backend comes out from under me and the car begins to spin as I throw the wheel counterclockwise as I was taught when driving with the RMWCCA. I spin out over four lanes and somehow make it to the shoulder only twelve inches from the iron side barrier keeping my ass from flying into the hill.

Who do I call? Corte Madera Tow. They were there, on the side of the road fixing my car within twelve minutes, and it only took five minutes for them to hook me up with my new tire QUICK! He knew I need to get to work and was efficient. I was so grateful that not only I wasn’t dead (how no one hit me as I went through four lanes at sixty-five mph while spinning I damn well don’t know) and that my changing tire guy was there. Someone must like me still up there I guess.

Plus, I had drank half of my venti latte already, so it must have been weighted just right on the bottom and didn’t move or spill. I was alive, AND I had my Starbucks, I’m impressed. thanks Corte Madera Tow! You guys totally hooked me up today and make it a little easier considering I must have looked like I just saw a ghost when you drove up.
From YELP.com

To whom it may concern,
Last week, we called triple A for help with our Highlander Toyota. We were in the Grenbrae Commuter Lot. In 10 minutes, Jude arrived. My wife was upset because I’d hit a box on the freeway.

Jude calmed her, took over, and fixed the problem so we could go on. Jude is a STAR!
Signed I.W.

To whom it may concern;
I’d like to thank Corte Madera Tow for their help yesterday when my car broke down. They arrived within 5 minutes of my phone call to AAA, and completely turned this bad situation into a pleasant “thing” that just happened. (The tow responder) Expertly maneuvered his very large tow truck on a narrow Mill Valley street, and got my car loaded up and towed to my home. Their knowledge of the equipment they use, and kind and friendly demeanor put my daughter and I at ease and made us feel safer. I thank them so much for their help.
Respectfully yours
Phyllis L.